Our Services

We render faith based services aimed at supporting the course of the gospel of Christ. We are not a church but a non denominational Non-Profit organization. Our vision guides the direction and decisions we take. As a foundation our rich heritage in Christ defines who we are and the voluntary work we are engaged in.

Our present services to support Christian Ministries & individuals as listed below are not the limit. We plan to support collaboration with other nonprofits, etc for wider network to maximize mission impact.

Platform 12 Hall

This is a 300 capacity multipurpose Hall to use for FREE at the formative stage of young ministries. This is usually  time bound so that others “called”  could also benefit.  We are involved in this aspect because we think it is one of the several barriers that prevent people from making the most of their potentials.

Kingdom House & Campus Support

Proceeds from Residences are to encourage campus outreaches of Christian Fellowships International which is non denominational by constitution. Support in the form of Shares, scholarship schemes etc.

Inspirational Leadership Works

Providing Inspirational Leadership Guides on specific endeavours based on hands-on action rather than words. Building on our heritage, our corporate strategy is inspiring people to also take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world.

Investing in the future

For over two decades we have been investing in the future by rendering helps to ministries and individuals by creating the environment to incubate and to nurture the future souls saved with amazing grace through such ministries. This continuous investment is making a difference in the communities that we serve.

Capacity Building Initiatives

Case by case capacity building Initiatives: The specific time bound project proposal must be measurable, achievable & realistic. Our assistance is not limited to providing coaching and funding but using our existing network to add to the net worth of the beneficiaries.


SID foundation is also seeking to team up with partners around the world via an expanding network of goodwill to take on some challenges not listed here but is still within the vision of the foundation. We believe in promoting & building a culture of integrity to sustain new bridges of our relationships.