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Frequently Asked Questions

WHY did SID Foundation offer a free hall to CGMi Amagba to use for church activities as a venue if the Foundation is not a church?
SID Foundation donated a 300 Capacity Hall to the first beneficiary (Mr. Francis Uwaifoh) to use for his young ministry. The 1st service was held 1st week of September 2014.We render faith based services aimed at supporting the course of the gospel of Christ. We are not a church but a non denominational Non-Profit organization. Our vision guides the direction and decisions we take.

WHAT relevance is the capacity building initiatives and the Inspirational Leadership drive of the Foundation to me?
The specific time bound project proposal must be measurable, achievable & realistic. Our assistance is not limited to providing coaching and funding but using our existing network to add to the net worth of the beneficiaries.
Providing Inspirational Leadership Guides on specific endeavours based on hands-on action rather than words. Building on our heritage, our corporate strategy is inspiring people to also take small everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world.

HOW does the foundation identify needs & also meet the needs of the people since it is non denominational & trans denominational?
Our shared values of service, teamwork, responsibility, and integrity help guide our behaviours and decisions, inspiring us to define what it means to be a responsible corporate individual and entity.

WHEN was the foundation started, registered, established and commissioned because the activities seem more than a decade?

Inauguration - Inaugurated & commissioned by Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa on

23rd of August 2014.

Registration - Registered 28th of August 2014 with Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria

- CAC/IT/NO.71860

Donation - SID Fopundation donated a 300 Capacity Hall to the first benefiary (Mr. Francis Uwaifoh) to use for his young ministry. The 1st service was held 1st week of September 2014.

WHERE can I find their office locations, someone to talk to who will tell me more about its services to CFites and people worldwide?
Adequate information about our addresses and to contact some one is found on our Contact us page


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Platform 12 & Mission House
# 4/6 Sylvester Iduseri Street,
New Amagba layout, Ugbor Road, B/City – Edo State -Nigeria
+234 802 501 6719, +234 703 186 8092, +234 806 131 2605

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