Core Values

The following are the core values upon which our operations and organization is built.


  1. Dignity and Passion for Service
  2. God-Class Lifestyle
  3. Creating Breakthroughs
  4. Inspirational Leadership


Dignity and Passion for Service – Our foundation is built on dignity and genuine passion for service driven by our collective responsibility for high performance providing the needed motivation to support the Helps Ministry.


God-Class Lifestyle – Our shared values of service, teamwork, responsibility, and integrity help guide our behaviours and decisions, inspiring us to define what it means to be a responsible corporate individual and entity.


Creating Breakthroughs –Working together as one body nothing will be restrained from us that we have imagined to do. Also ingrained in our minds “we and those the Lord has given to us are for signs & wonders” in this generation.


Inspirational Leadership- We know we are not just commissioned and empowered to represent the hopes and dreams of a continent, but to represent the hopes and dreams of all civilization.


Goals Our goal is to start as a privately funded foundation and become a strategic global foundation with a strong knowledge and network to develop and increase the assets and workforce in God’s Kingdom which is far greater than any particular denomination.